The Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Recruiting Roundup

artificial-intelligence-elon-musk-hawkingUnless your head has been buried in the sand for the last six months, you’ve picked up on the fact that latest marketing buzz words in HR technology are Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. As a former practitioner who now works in a startup, I love the fact that AI and ML is revolutionizing our industry. That said, it’s sometimes difficult for a practitioner to see through the marketing hype to gain a true understanding of the terms and what these changes mean for recruiting.

I’ve gathered 5 posts from some of my favorite bloggers in the recruiting space. These were all written to educate the audience, not push a specific product.

What do these changes mean for practitioners? What skills will be needed in 10 years when these technologies have evolved? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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