HIREconf Meet the Speaker Series: Shally Steckerl

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 3.24.00 PMThroughout the summer I will be introducing you to the speakers for the Fall HIREconf event in San Francisco. If you haven’t already checked out the agenda, be sure to do so soon.

This week, meet Shally Steckerl. If you work in talent acquisition and you haven’t learned from Shally directly you’ve probably learned from someone else who was trained by Shally.

Shally’s session topic: Mobile Outreach Techniques: So you found them, now what?

You’re the world’s greatest sourcer but that means nothing when you can’t get them to respond. Combining these social media and mobile outreach tricks with some psychological “people hacks” will deliver you from InMail hell. Learn how to weave your cold calls, voicemails, and emails with new social media outreach strategies that increase your call-back ratio by at least 20%. Know how to prioritize various communication vehicles to get faster responses from prospects. Find the social footprint for many of your candidate prospects so you can expand the way in which you connect with them. Know what to include in your social media messages that will increase the likelihood of generating a positive response. Learn the values of having your own Facebook page and LinkedIn group and which types of activities are best for each of the social networks.

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